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Good afternoon. In the name of age-old august duchy of Savoy, connected with the Kingdom of Sardinia of the year 1713 until the rift , Please honor my presence in this audiovisualrecruitment based on individuals stemming from the abnormal sector of society . Yes I said well abnormal, but I did not speak about me. Of you if you want! I am now going to come to light in your soul full of flavors.In my lucidity, Savoy still exists and is invulnerable. Yes I see, you already fall asleep but let me present me, let's continue on ....The celibacy. The celibacy, in the life of a prince is synonymic of grace before the marriage. Consequently, me 18-year-old, I always lived at my parent's. In spite of my house nests on an eminence of saint - alban-leysse, by respect of my thoughts and your completeness, you are supposed to believe, the applicants also, than my place of residence is the castle of the Dukes of Savoy. Ok? To describe me, to describe me, you ask so muchI would prefer to speak to you about my tastes or bout the fact that I do not like that I nickname the decays, but we are going to begin with my passions, any way I ask you for not your opinion. Formerly on numerous occasions my forefathers had to fight, to protect our sacred territory, place of membership and of gathering of a nation, every man of the family had to have a warlike spirit and a minimum of address. I approved this way and I have already practised the table tennis then the karate: In the latter, consciousness and muscles must be coordinated,in really fight, every second is decisive. What? Wait two minutes, which I show you. But the skills of dolphin do not limit themselves to this, or then as it is risked be trapped by a deceitful, know how to express himself correctly and manipulate the geopolitical or historic data of diverse types is also important. You are supposed now to have understood my character,then the gess of what what are my passions? 

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Je pense que c'est correct ;)

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